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Prints available through Society 6. T-Shirts and more also available through TeePublic, Red Bubble and Society 6.

"Tyrion" Pen, Paper
“Good Trouble” Art Show
Falkor Snowman
“Girl with a Gauge Earring”
Robin Williams
“Robin Williams”
Skip James Pen on Paper 36x24 (square with watermark)
“Skip James”
“Ian McKellen”
Bernie Sanders 9x12 Pen on Paper (square)
“The Summoning”
"Don Ramón"
“Don Ramón”
"Elizabeth Cotten"
“Elizabeth Cotten”
“Drunkass Misogynist”
"Lightnin' Hopkins"
“Lightnin’ Hopkins”
"Robert Johnson"
“Robert Johnson”
Fashion Goat 8x8 (small)
“Fashion Goat”
"Mr. White" Pen, Paper
“Mr. White”
"Ace" Pen, Paper
"Art Saves Lives"
“Art Saves Lives” Pastel
"Art Saves Lives" Photo Manipulation
“Art Saves Lives” Digital
"Jon" Pen, Paper
"Champion" Pen, Paper
"Freedom Fries" Acrylic on Canvas
“Freedom Fries”
"Reaganesque" Acrylic on Canvas
"Nosferatu" Acrylic on Canvas
“Nosferatu On A Tricycle”
"Pakku Rotundus" Clay, Acrylic
“Pakku Rotundus”
"Piranha Plant" Clay, Acrylic
“Piranha Plant”
"Metroid Physiology"
“Metroid Physiology”
"Audrey II" Clay, Acrylic
“Audrey II”
"City of Die Tryin's" Watercolor, Pen, Digital
“City of Die Tryin’s”
"Photo Booth Bert" Acrylic on Canvas
“Photo Booth Bert”
"Obama Be Creepin'" Pastel On Sidewalk
“Obama Be Creepin'”
"In Bloom" Clay, Acrylic
“In Bloom”
"Bird In My Window" (Music Video)
“Bird In My Window”
"Portrait of Vincent Mango" Acrylic on Canvas
“Portrait of Vincent Mango”
"Branham's Coal-Powered Robot" Clay, Acrylic
“Branham’s Robot”

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