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If you every dreamed of Oberyn Martell caressing your bare skin, now’s your chance. I’m switching over to TeePublic, which means every time I put up a new shirt, it will be on sale for $14 for two days, then back to $20 (which is still cheaper than Red Bubble). Click the image to get it.


"Reaganesque" Acrylic on Canvas

“Reaganesque” Acrylic on Canvas

 Growing up during the Reagan-era side of the Cold War, I was terrified of the thought that two quarrelling men held so much power in their hands that they could cancel everyone’s future. This painting was a reflection on that feeling.

Prints and T-shirts available at Red Bubble.

Nosferatu On A Tricycle

"Nosferatu on a Tricycle" Acrylic on Canvas

“Nosferatu on a Tricycle” Acrylic on Canvas

My fourth painting and first foray into realism, Nosferatu on a Tricycle was started in 2010 and set aside to complete some time-sensitive pieces. One thing led to another and it hung on my wall for a few years, unfinished. A series of unfortunate events meant that I had to leave the art world for a while, and I chose finishing Nosferatu as my returning piece in 2013.

T-shirts available at TeePublic, prints available at Red Bubble.