Art Saves Lives

"Art Saves Lives" Pastel On Sidewalk

“Art Saves Lives” Pastel On Sidewalk

About ten years ago, I was reading about Adolf Hitler’s unsuccessful attempts to become a professional artist. It led me to wonder how different the world might be if he had not given up. I promised myself that some day, if I ever learned to do portraits, I’d do a Bob Ross-styled portrait of an alternate timeline Hitler, one in which he would have grown as a person and painted Jews instead of killing them.

Prints available at Society6. T-shirts available at TeePublic.

Champion Sale Preview
If you every dreamed of Oberyn Martell caressing your bare skin, now’s your chance. I’m switching over to TeePublic, which means every time I put up a new shirt, it will be on sale for $14 for two days, then back to $20 (which is still cheaper than Red Bubble). Click the image to get it.